Current Project phase:

  • 1 1: Initiate Phase
  • 2 2: Nominate Phase
  • 3 3: Improve Phase
  • 4 4: Triumph Phase
  • 5 5: Accelerate Phase
  • 6 6: Make it Happen Phase
Track: Student
Topics: Energy, Housing
Location: Kraneveld 12



Team Casa builds a Comfortable, Affordable, Sustainable Alternative for Housing

Long Description

Team CASA is a student initiative from Eindhoven University of Technology. We started September 2016 as a team of eight and have since grown to eighteen, representing over five faculties, bringing expertise from every area of the university. Many more partners in industry and academics alike have already joined the project.

Our mission is to accelerate the energy transition by bringing together the right partners from the academic and business world to integrate and innovate in the construction environment. We will set a new, higher standard for all homes regarding sustainability, health and cost that can be achieved with technologies available today.

Our team focuses on the following three areas:

  • We use an innovative approach to the building process. By embracing SlimBouwen®, we bring flexibility, reduction of volume, efficiency, and sustainability to the building process. The home will be designed as turn-key prefab to reduce building costs, creating financial room for sustainable technologies. A service-core is built to create structural integrity and house our main technologies.
  • These technologies are carefully integrated to create a synergetic system. A Building-Integrated PV with thermal collection is used to generate both electricity and heat. A local nano DC-grid saves energy and increase efficiency. The technologies are controlled by an open-source system that controls climate, security, health & other IoT applications
  • We use a Seasonal Thermal Energy Storage (STES) to store generated heat from the summer beneath the house. This heat can be used to fulfill heat demands during colder periods


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