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Track: Student
Topics: Energy
Location: Amsterdam, the Netherlands

Beat the Storm

Beat the Storm

Beat the Storm Experience will stop in big cities and let participants feel climate change and make an impact that will influence electricity usage.

Long Description

Gaining electricity and our outrageous electricity usage is one of the big causes of todays climate change.
This influences extreme weather conditions, like the recent hurricanes or fluds, draughts and heatwaves. Results for the Netherlands (where we’re from) would be raising of the sea- and riverlevel. Wetter, softer winters and more rainfall would result in a bigger chance to fludding of rivers and sewages.

People, however, tend to continue with their current lifestyle because it doesn’t happen to them, and often think it won’t ever happen to them. We’d like to drive around in the “Beat the Storm” experience truck to let people see, feel and hear for themselves how it would feel if the climate change was happening right now. In the truck, the participants will go through an obstacle course where they have to figuratively pull the plug at the back of the truck. This whole experience will let people be more consious about their electricity usage. The Experience will be accompanied by a campaign, where a lot of media attention will be drawn for this exciting, new idea.

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