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Track: Creative Professional
Topics: Water
Location: Slovakia
Approach: Systems



Let us prevent climate change with active natural systematic RECOVERY of the landscape and local water cycles.

Long Description

Recover Your Climate

Photosynthesis is the “producer” of all natural resources on Earth’s continents requiring three key ingredients – heat from the sun, carbon in the atmosphere and water from land. In a healthy landscape, rainwater mostly remains in the ecosystem resulting in unique forms of life and vegetation.

Small water cycles make photosynthesis possible and are the source of life on earth. A healthy ecosystem where rainwater is returned back to the small water cycle above land via evaporation is essential. Evaporation transforms solar radiation into latent heat and carries it from the lower to the upper troposphere regulating the climate. Phase transformation does not increase the temperature.

Water lost from the small water cycles negatively affects the proper formation of rain, dehydrates ecosystems, decreases evaporation and leads to the concentration of heat – overheats the lower layers of the troposphere and concentrates greater volume of carbon in the atmosphere.

Based on research, more than 700 billion m3 of rainwater is drained annually from the continents. This water is missing on land and is congregating in our oceans (resulting in rising ocean levels). Water is lacking for human activities and especially natural processes resulting as the overheating of planet Earth and the increasing concentration of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere.

Our Objective

Start a global campaign based on a zero rainwater run-off policy where unique measures are developed and implemented to increase the water holding capacity of all types of landscapes and with it restore a healthy climate.

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