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Track: Creative Professional
Topics: Energy
Location: Qeshm, Hormozgan Province, Iran
Approach: Communications

Upgrading The Wind Tower

Upgrading The Wind Tower

Our attempt is to promote inhabitants of a hot and humid region in south of Iran, using Wind towers to decrease consumption of electricity.

Long Description

The project’s main concern is about “saving energy” and “improving life-style” in rural areas of southern Iran. The habitants of this region used to provide local solutions related to their environmental context and available resources which were able to act with significant variations in temperature according to the seasons.

A BADGIR (wind tower) is a wind driven ventilation device which captures at high elevation and directs the air into the interior of the building. The internal volume of the device is divided quadrants which allows fresh air inters as well as stale air to escape irrespective of the wind directions.

Since 1960 (after the introduction of A-C) people have assigned using wind towers and nowadays they are encountering economic stress due to power consumption.

The project’s idea is to upgrade the wind tower concept based on structural and functional pathology supported by initial analysis and alternative studies. This idea is to add solar panels to decrease humidity by cooling the airflow.

For example, by a 5’ reduction of temperature in a BADGIR (wind tower box) and a 20% decrease in humidity level that will create air circulation inside a house, we reach the same comfort as a 15’ reduction of temperature and maintaining the cold inside an interior space . We anticipate the utilization of wind towers in half of a year and are looking forward to promote this idea throughout the southern Iran.

This project encourages the locals to use the “upgraded wind towers” supported by locally communication network.

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