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Student / Multiple topics

Rebrand_COP 25th Global Climate Change Confer...

The United Nations Climate Change Conferences are yearly conferences, with more than 23 Conferences were held by 23 countries. Its aim is to serve as ...

Created by Shangning Wang
Creative Professional / Energy

Combating Climate Change Through Biomass Alte...

The project seeks to establish fast growing charcoal plantations surrounded by fruit orchards to reduce pressure for wood energy on the existing fores ...

Created by Stephan Kiyemba
Start-up / Energy


The main goal of the project is to increase the resilience of farming communities to climate change by accelerating commercial sales of solar water pu ...

Created by Bhuwan KC
Creative Professional / Multiple topics


The LokaliteitenKabinet is a physical and digital resources exchange platform; an object part of the internet of things fostering industrial ecology. ...

Created by Johnny Kerkhof
Start-up / Multiple topics

Water Independence: just add sea and sun

Desolenator is a patented desalination technology that uses just sunlight to purify water from ANY source (seawater, brackish, contaminated) into 100% ...

Created by Louise Bleach
Creative Professional / Multiple topics

Future Vision: educational data collection fo...

Future Vision is furniture for transit hubs that increases community resilience by sharing information & enhancing civic connections. ...

Created by johanna hoffman
Creative Professional / Multiple topics

heat wind

A 3d printable wind mill that collect energy from the wind and thermal electric. ...

Created by Manuel Zaragoza
Creative Professional / Energy

Renewable Heat Energy Engine

Conventional engines convert heat energy into Mechanical energy.The heat supplied to the engine by burning fuel.Here is concept of engine which conver ...

Created by Shashikant Garud
Student / Energy

Electric Spokes – IKEA-Innovated, 100% ...

Electric Spokes is a wind turbine made from recycled materials that is so simple to assemble, it’s like IKEA furniture. It costs $40 because we pay fo ...

Created by Hojung Kim · 1 Comment
Student / Multiple topics

Ink different

The Ink project is experiencing and creating a dummy brand of home-made ink printing solution that question the daily home-printing and its systematic ...

Created by Czaplinski Morgan
Start-up / Multiple topics


Archimedean screw designed for the harvesting of energy from rivers. ...

Created by Jan Cavel · 2 Comments
Creative Professional / Energy

laser plane

A plane that convert CO2 TO O in the air. ...

Created by Manuel Zaragoza · 2 Comments
Creative Professional / Energy

thermo phone

A phone that is smarter and better. ...

Created by Manuel Zaragoza · 1 Comment
Student / Energy

Plant Your Light

Plant Your Light is a Do-It-Yourself Kit that offers the experience of electricity generation through plant-microbial fuel cells. ...

Created by Sabrina Möllers
Student / Multiple topics


A water circular economy solution through, building sustainable, resilient, repairable, water and sanitation infrastructure through a process of energ ...

Created by Martin Kiyeng
Student / Energy

buy it. name it. feed it.

Become more conscious of your packaging leftovers. ...

Created by Robin Kirsch
Start-up / Energy

Eco-Banana Products


Created by Nickly Kipkorir
Student / Multiple topics

Concept of low-rise ecologically safe residen...

The concept is to create an energy-efficient, resource-saving and environmentally friendly living environment (residential units). ...

Created by Olga Karabach
Start-up / Energy

Promote the use of biomass briquettes as an a...

Created in 2011 in Ouagadougou by a group of partners wishing to make a concrete contribution to the fight against deforestation and poverty in Burkin ...

Created by Vincent Nikiema
Creative Professional / Energy

The laser tree

The plant curve tech is to produce oxygen by absorbing CO2 from the bottom of it structure. ...

Created by Manuel Zaragoza · 3 Comments
Creative Professional / Energy

electrically road

The electrically road will be the new standard of road for the world. ...

Created by Manuel Zaragoza · 2 Comments
Creative Professional / Multiple topics

House standard 2.0

The Standard future of house lies in new frontier technology that can make the house smarter and more energy efficient. ...

Created by Manuel Zaragoza · 2 Comments
Creative Professional / Multiple topics

Post Earthquake Reconstruction in NW Tanzania...

Compressed Stabilized Earth Block Construction for post-Earthquake Recovery in NW Tanzania ...

Created by James Kyles
Start-up / Multiple topics


The Jointechnix stitching technique, with built-in disassembly, pre-enables circular economic practices in Fashion and furniture. The technique makes ...

Created by cédric vanhoeck
Start-up / Multiple topics


Veemo melds battery, solar, pedal power, and regenerative breaking to create a non-fossil fuel based form of urban transport. ...

Created by Andrea Latella-DuBoyce

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