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Creative Professional / Multiple topics


The LokaliteitenKabinet is a physical and digital resources exchange platform; an object part of the internet of things fostering industrial ecology. ...

Created by Johnny Kerkhof
Student / Multiple topics


Giving identity to ocean garbage to improve awareness of pollution and its influence. ...

Created by Moritz Schauerhammer · 1 Comment
Creative Professional / Multiple topics

Future Vision: educational data collection fo...

Future Vision is furniture for transit hubs that increases community resilience by sharing information & enhancing civic connections. ...

Created by johanna hoffman
Creative Professional / Health

Pollution Badge

Turning citizens into activists with wearable technology. ...

Created by Kevin Palmer · 1 Comment
Student / Multiple topics


A water circular economy solution through, building sustainable, resilient, repairable, water and sanitation infrastructure through a process of energ ...

Created by Martin Kiyeng
Student / Multiple topics

Concept of low-rise ecologically safe residen...

The concept is to create an energy-efficient, resource-saving and environmentally friendly living environment (residential units). ...

Created by Olga Karabach
Creative Professional / Multiple topics

nano-fat tech

Nano-fat tech is a nano device that melt fat alway from your body. ...

Created by Manuel Zaragoza · 2 Comments
Start-up / Multiple topics


The Jointechnix stitching technique, with built-in disassembly, pre-enables circular economic practices in Fashion and furniture. The technique makes ...

Created by cédric vanhoeck
Start-up / Multiple topics

Food Banking and Value Chain Entrepreneurship

This Project Proposal provides a summary of needs and opportunities for value addition and market development for Organic agricultural commodities. Ou ...

Created by Bernerd Nambafu
Start-up / Multiple topics


Veemo melds battery, solar, pedal power, and regenerative breaking to create a non-fossil fuel based form of urban transport. ...

Created by Andrea Latella-DuBoyce

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