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Renewable Heat Energy Engine

Renewable Heat Energy Engine

Conventional engines convert heat energy into Mechanical energy.The heat supplied to the engine by burning fuel.Here is concept of engine which converts heat energy into mechanical energy.This heat is taken renewable heat source like heat from atmospheres, geothermal heat,& heat from free flowing water.

Long Description

  • Engine ,Converts Heat Energy into Mechanical Energy .
  • External Combustion, Engine;  Heat Added externally by burning fuels.e.g.Steam Engine  turbine.Temperature range 150 0 C to 500 0C to convert  Heat to Mechanical energy .
  • Internal Combustion Engine Heat added by burning Fuel internally . e.g.Petrol, Gas ,Diesel , other fuels Engine.Temperature range 150 0 C to 800 0C to convert  Heat to Mechanical energy.
    Renewable Heat Energy Engine –
  • Heat Source like Atmospheric Air , Free Flowing water, GeothermalHeat Transfer Media ,Pressurized Refrigerant Temperature range (-30) 0C to 30 0C.
    How it works –
  • Pressurized Liquid Refrigerant of Temperature -30 0C is Pumped to radiator or heat ex changer .
  • Heat from renewable energy source like Atmospheric Air or Free flowing water or Geothermal source add it into Refrigerant converts it into pressurized gas.
  • Pressurized gas is used to operate Engine or turbine and converting heat energy into Mechanical work.
  • After wards Refrigerant loose pressure & temperature and get converted into liquid .
  • Small part of Refrigerant is still in gas form. This is compressed with the help of compressor .Send it also in radiator or heat ex changer.
  • Same process repeated for next cycle to get the mechanical energy .

Advantages :-

  • No fuel required. No Carbon emission. No pollution.
  • Continuous working. Charging station not required.
  • Waste heat ,Solar heat of low temperature could be used for power generation.
  • Can be used in commercial building with HVAC system for providing Chill water ,at zero cost.

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