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All Weather Roof Tiles

All Weather Roof Tiles

Most roofing tiles are metal which easily corrode, or are made of bricks or concrete materials that are heavy and easily breaks due to drastic changes in weather. The present tile relates to a roofing tiles comprising a unitary body having a base and opposed first and second connecting edges extending from said base to interconnect with an identical roof tile, characterize in that the base which is a metal tile is provided with a rigid polyurethane foam, and a top coat made of elastomeric paint is provided on the rigid polyurethane foam to form an all weather-proof roof tile.

Long Description

It is the main object of the present roof tile model to provide for a roofing tile that is all-weather proof.

Another object of the present model is to provide for a roofing tile that is lightweight and easy to handle, transport and install.

Still, another object of the present model is to provide for a roofing tile which can easily be manufactured using available materials and local technology.

These and other objects and advantages of the present model will become apparent upon reading of the ensuing detailed description taken in conjunction with the appended drawings.

This all-weather roof tiles is a combined materials of rigid polyurethane foam, elastomeric coatings on its metal tiles substrate.

This all -weather tiles includes a rigid polyurethane foam with a nominal density of 2 lbs/ft and a thermal (K-factor)of 0.14Btu-in/hr/sq.ft/farenheit at 70 farenheit with a fire-rated fluid-applied elastomeric acrylic coating applied over the foam. This system is specially formulated for all-weather roof tiles with metal substrate.

All weather roof tiles is seamless and self flashing making it 100% waterproof. It is corrosion resistance because it strongly adheres to its substrate metal roof tile. It does not expand, contract or tear. It is closed cell rigid polyurethane foam topped with elastomeric coating.

This all-weather roof tiles effectively shuts out oxidation on it metal tile substrate to prevent corrosion.

This all-weather roof tiles is protected by elastomeric acrylic coating against  extreme heat, ozone and ultra violet rays.

This all-weather roof tiles is an effective sound deadening medium. A substantial degree of sound insulation against rain and other external noises is achieved.

This all-weather roof tiles is the most efficient insulated roof tiles today. Its 7.15 R-value (resistance to heat transfer) per inch is almost 200% higher than the conventional fiberglass insulation  achieving 33% in energy cost savings. And because rigid polyurethane foam is externally applied, temperatures of metal substrate is efficiently stabilized resulting in the reduction of thermal shock – the main cause of expansion and contraction movements of the metal tile sheets which usually precedes loosening of its mechanical fasteners.

This all-weather roof tiles has more than 20-year design life and more if it correctly maintain. It is engineered to endure foot traffic because of its rigidity.



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