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Track: Start-up
Topics: Energy
Location: Kenya
Approach: Services

Eco-Banana Products

Eco-Banana Products


Long Description

our idea is about using banana stems to get the fibers which will be used to make papers,boards,sanitary towels and bags. This idea will help small holder farmers to increase income,create job opportunities, gender empowerment save the environment since the paper industry is a great threat to the forest and trees.
our project focus on banana stems because:
(a) Banana stem is a cheapest and easily available raw material as a source of making paper pulp for the production of various types of paper.The process of making pulp is economically violable.
(b) The making of paper is handmade. Sun ray is used for drying operation of paper mat. So energy is consumed from nature and according to economic standpoint it is profitable.
(c) Strength and quality (brightness, formation, softness, smoothness) of the Paper produced in this process is marketable.
(d) The Process cost is very low. This will also create the price of the banana stem lower and thus competitive in the market.
On partnerships we work with organization supporting woman and girls to support the production of sanitary towels, pitch to potential investors, we will also investment in our business. Our costs will go to machines, marketing, utilities and human resource. Revenue will come from the sales of our products and some donations. Our value proposition is to reduce waste, increase incomes to smallholder farmers, create employment gender empowerment and make profits

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