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Track: Creative Professional
Topics: Food, Health
Location: 909 Watson Ave, CA, United States

nano-fat tech

nano-fat tech

Nano-fat tech is a nano device that melt fat alway from your body.

Long Description

The Nano-fat tech will be place into our food or injected into our bodies. This idea can change the way we lose fat forever because we will use our body own heat to break down the fat that is in our bodies. The nano material that will be inside our bodies will be iron and copper. The outer layer of the nano cell will be iron and the second layer will be a layer of thermoelectric fabric. The thermoelectric layer will get heat of the body and store it into the nano cell. At a certain time the nano cell will stop getting heat energy from the body and start releasing heat though a process call Joule heating. The store energy will travel into the wires inside of the nano cell and release the heat and warm up the outer layer of the nano cell and melt the fat alway. what make this nano cell amazing is that the material of the nano cell will depose into the body and be useful in building up the body, in the from of iron and copper.

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