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Track: Creative Professional
Topics: Energy, Health
Location: Bangladesh
Approach: Services

To allow to use of renewable energy and ICS products to deter and adapt to climate change affects in Bangladesh.

To allow to use of renewable energy and ICS products to deter and adapt to climate change affects in Bangladesh.

The coastal region of Bangladesh are considered most vulnerable region of climate change affects the world and people of this region especially live in the island type coastal CHAR region are 3 time more under the poverty line than other parts of Bangladesh. On the other hand for cumulative increase of sea level, the salinity contamination in surface and underground water make people’s live more vulnerable day by day and as people are mostly agriculture dependent, their livelihood depend on crop cultivation, fish culture in the sweet water and for heightened salinity contamination, their livelihood is greatly challenged which they can’t afford to face. So, the household renewable energy and improved cook stove products will allow them to have remarkable cut in the energy budget and as an impact they will be more capable to generate more income in some alternative sources for their poverty reduction.

Long Description

Bangladesh is one the most vulnerable country of climate change affects in the world rating and as coastal region is comprised of island type silted called CHAR as the coastal region is woven by numerous rivers and their branches. As the water level of the Bay of Bengal in the Indian Ocean rises gradually, the experts fear that most area of coastal region of Bangladesh will go under saline water. Bangladesh is committed to mitigate climate change affects with less carbon emission and household renewable energy and ICS products now getting more and more priority for mitigation and adaptation to climate change affects.. These people are too poor to afford power and fuel wood they have been accustomed with. And thus these people of whom most live under the poverty line and popularize solar and ICS products will be blessings to these most miserable people but they are not at all aware of these renewable energy and ICS products. So, we have to aware them of solar and ICS products to these people for their own benefit. On the other hand, for the less financial capacity, our market promotion intervention of solar and ICS products will allow flexible instalment payment to them and ultimately can generate extra alternative livelihood to reduce their poverty as well.

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