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Track: Creative Professional
Topics: Energy
Location: 909 Watson Ave, CA, United States

electrically road

electrically road

The electrically road will be the new standard of road for the world.

Long Description

The thermoelectric materials get the energy mostly through the

temperature differences between the topside of the material and the

bottom side of the material. Putting the material between the dirt and

the paved road is perfect because the paved road can reach very high

temperature, while the dirt is covered by the road and the material so it

will have cool temperature.

This will also give the city a greater control over the roads and change

the function on how the roads work. The roads can now be the nerve

system that is connecting to the brain, which will be the city building.

This will give the city greater insight on the road by tell what is

happening on the road, like when the road will need a pothole to be

filled. This will also increase the amount of renewable energy that come

from the environment.

“The future is green energy, sustainability, renewable energy” by Arnold

Schwarzenegger. In Other word we need to make everything that we see

around us relatable to green energy so the future energy can end the

destruction of the earth.

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