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Track: Student
Topics: Energy
Location: Pforzheim, Deutschland

Plant Your Light

Plant Your Light

Plant Your Light is a Do-It-Yourself Kit that offers the experience of electricity generation through plant-microbial fuel cells.

Long Description

The problem about the pollution of our environment is known to almost everyone. Yet so many creative solutions are not communicated in a way that people can embrace them. The reactions of people towards sustainable technologies made me realise that there is a lot of distrust and disbelief in the potential solutions, so I came up with “Plant Your Light” to make it easier and more enjoyable to get in touch with the topic. It is the concept of an experimental kit about microbial energy, a technology that converts solar energy into bioelectricity, put into an interior design product in order to bridge the communication gap between scientific research of sustainable technologies and the consumer. It is so unique because it addresses people in a way that they can embrace the new possibilities and that creates trust while other products on the market create scepticism. The kit comes with a manual and all the materials you need to get started. The electronic component is placed in the glass-container in a way that the light is submerged in the water that is created in the chemical reaction. In this position the effect of the light gets enhanced by the water and shadows are cast around the object. Furthermore the electronic wires are integrated in a cotton wick, which reaches up to the the plant and supplies it with water. This makes taking care of the plant much easier so that the experience with the new technology becomes even more enjoyable.

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