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Track: Creative Professional
Topics: Energy
Location: 909 Watson Ave, CA, United States

The laser tree

The laser tree

The plant curve tech is to produce oxygen by absorbing CO2 from the bottom of it structure.

Long Description

The laser tree is a unique piece of art that is saving the planet. These laser tree will be placed around parks and other environmental place. The main point of the laser tree is to produce oxygen from CO2. The way that the laser tree will be producing oxygen from CO2 is by having a filter that is made up of lasers and the lasers will convert of the CO2 to oxygen. The energy that will power the laser will come from the surface of the laser tree. The surface of the laser tree will have flexible solar cell that will collect energy for the lasers. The laser tree will have a small door on the side of the laser tree so the lasers can be check on once in a while. The laser tree can be connect together so they can share power or to tell the city there is something wrong with it laser process or to find ways to maximized the conversion process. The laser tree can also be connected to a solar panel that is at the park, which can help it spare some more energy just in case.

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