How to Submit a Project

How to Submit a Project


To put it simply: we are looking for fresh and innovative solutions to help mankind adapt to climate change.
The best designs are innovative, practical, scalable, affordable, and easily understood. The briefing generator will help you decide how to tackle the many problems related to climate change. Use this online tool to discover the design strategy, the topic and the location that suits you best. But you can also submit a proposal that applies to different strategies and topics at the same time.

The Climate Action Challenge is open to everyone, yet specifically aimed at designers and creative entrepreneurs. Both existing and completely new ideas and solutions may be entered.
There are three separate tracks in this challenge:

  1. Students and Young Professionals
  2. Creative professionals
  3. Start-ups


All proposals must be entered via this challenge platform. Please register an account and then fill in our submission formEntries are required to include: 

  • An intriguing title for your project
  • A tweet length intro (140 characters)
  • Maximum 250-word explanatory text
  • One key image to illustrate your idea (1600x900pix)
  • A maximum of 6 additional images (JPG) to further illustrate your concept
  • A one to two-minute pitch video, introducing yourself or your team and your idea


  • You are concerned about the climate crisis and want to make a positive contribution to a possible solution
  • You will be part of a global creative network and can benefit from its combined knowledge and creativity
  • You will have access to the expertise and support of the partners of the Challenge
  • You have the chance of receiving exposure for your ideas through the communication channels of all the partners involved
  • Last but not least: as a winner you are eligible for a share of the €900.000 grant and to join our acceleration programme


  • As an entrant, you retain full ownership of your idea
  • Should you choose to share your proposal on the online platform, you give WDCD and its partners the right to publish your idea on all possible media channels throughout the challenge
  • Should you choose to make your proposal available exclusively to the jury, and you are amongst the finalists (the shortlist), we will ask your permission for publication in the press
  • Should a potential implementation partner or investor express an interest in developing or supporting your idea (even if you are not among the finalists), you are free to decide how to share your intellectual property.
    If so desired, we can assist and advise you.

Need help getting started?

Download the Starter Kit (PDF) for a comprehensive guide to the Climate Action Challenge, and all the information you need to know as a participant. Download the Background Pack (ZIP) to learn more about the different topics, design approaches and geographical regions relevant to the Challenge.