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Track: Start-up
Topics: Food
Location: Hackney Road, London E2 7AP, United Kingdom

Climate Edge

Climate Edge

Climate Edge are cultivating knowledge to keep the world growing; starting with coffee!

Long Description

Climate Change is devastating tropical agriculture and the world’s most vulnerable individuals. Funding is poured into developing new management practices to help farmers adapt to the changing climate. However, due to the high cost of disseminating these novel methods, few farmers ever benefit from them.

Climate Edge provides farmers with the key information needed to adapt to Climate Change.  Starting with coffee, our weather station monitors conditions on-farm and our analytical software takes this data, analyses it and turns it into actionable adaptation information.

Our weather station is designed specifically for Tropical Agriculture. It is $150 (1/20 of the price of our competitors), user friendly and remote data transfer comes as standard. By measuring air temperature, soil temperature, relative humidity and precipitation we can monitor the key conditions determining yield and quality. The software takes this raw data, analyses it and provides farmers and their cooperatives, tailored information so they can implement the right practices.

Using this base we also provide significant value to other sectors. Our climate data enables micro-insurers to make accurate payouts, our farm management data gives micro-financers the ability to identify reliable investments and the two combined provide the information needed to manage supply chains sustainably.

Climate Edge sees a world where information flows freely and everyone has access to the tools needed to build stable businesses.  Where all farmers can access insurance and finance. Where companies connect with farmers and work together to achieve productivity and stability.

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