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Track: Creative Professional
Topics: Energy, Housing
Location: 909 Watson Ave, CA, United States

House standard 2.0

House standard 2.0

The Standard future of house lies in new frontier technology that can make the house smarter and more energy efficient.

Long Description

The 2.0 House will replace the entire window that the house has to the clear solar windows. The clear solar window works by letting all visible color through the windows while trapping all the non-visible wavelengths of ultraviolet and infrared light. These trapped wavelengths will turn into another types of wavelength, which are an infrared light that will go to the edge of the window and convert it into electricity. These window energy paths will be at the center left or/and center right and the energy sources system will be place toward the direction of insides the house. The window energy sources wires will be connected with the thermoelectric fabrics the surrounds the house. The thermoelectric fabrics will be place around the inner structure of the wall of the house, which includes the roof of the house. These fabrics would have multiple layers that are 25-40um and the fabric would be subject to a temperature difference parallel to the inners surface of the wall and roof of the houses. The electrons will travel from the hot side to the cold side of the fabric due to the Seebeck effect, (which would be other side of the inner walls), which converts temperature difference into voltages. By covering the house with thermoelectric fabrics and clear solar window I hope to bring a new standard of housing.

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