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Track: Start-up
Topics: Energy, Housing, Health
Location: Lange Wiese 11, Crossen, Deutschland

interpanel – enhanced room climate

interpanel – enhanced room climate

interpanel delivers modular ceilings that integrate lighting, acoustics, heating and drought-free cooling to serve vital human needs.

Long Description

As of today, buildings consume up to 40% of the world energy supply in order to maintain a comfortable climate, may it be by cooling or heating. And there is a rising demand in cooling with an exponential growth rate of about 7% p.a., especially in hot and humid areas which, today, hardly rely on total air-conditioning. The vision behind this new solution is to implement very efficient radiant cooling systems even in tropical climates to meet the vital human needs with the lowest possible energy consumption. interpanel finds application in the built environment and delivers a solution to suit the vital human needs with its new ceiling and wall panel. Essentially, there are two ways to cool a room: with air-conditioning or a radiant cooling system. Where full-load air-conditioning often leads to high energy demand, a loss of building space due to large ducting and bad comfort stemming from the cold draft. Radiant cooling has steadily become more important over the last decade, but its international market potential is limited due to the fear of condensation at the cooled surface, a complex installation process and problematic integration of lighting and acoustic measures. Therefore interpanel developed a cooling ceiling system which can operate continuously and without condensation below the dew-point. The technology is combined with a highly efficient LED-surface lighting system and provides acoustic absorption. The single modules with a dimension of up to 2m² can be individually printed, retrofitted and reused if the building concept changes.

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