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Track: Start-up
Topics: Energy
Location: Australia

Iron Matrix – Clean Energy Housing

Iron Matrix – Clean Energy Housing

Reconfigurable, expandable, energy efficient housing that can be built by anyone, anywhere.

Long Description

We’ve creating an opportunity for people to build for themselves a sustainable, flexible, resilient home that will adapt to changes in climate, lifestyle and technology.

Iron Matrix homes are more energy efficient to fabricate, transport, install and live-in while harnessing clean energy from their environments.

Structures are built from two repeating steel parts and can be installed by just two people without the need for a crane, earth moving equipment or scaffolding.

Iron Matrix homes are infinitely reconfigurable. Rooms can be added and removed at any time. All parts are fully recyclable, re-sellable or reusable across homes. All components have been designed to be autonomously manufactured at economies of scale and transported to site in standard shipping containers.

Iron Matrix borrow nothing from traditional build methods. Walls can be made from standard solar panels and the flat roof can be turned into a green roof with integrated mounts for wind turbines or additional PV (Photovoltaics). Permanent utility conduits facilitate the installation of upgraded PV and future battery systems.

Homes can be clad in materials suitable to withstand wind, fire and flood. Adjustable foundations allow structures up to two stories to be built on flat, sloped or rocky terrain.

We see applications for Iron Matrix in standard housing, temporary housing, remote communities and disaster relief. We’re currently building the prototype Iron Matrix home in Western Australia, due for completion 1Q 2018.

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