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Track: Start-up
Topics: Water
Location: Barcelona, Spain

Faircap: The open water filter

Faircap: The open water filter

A low cost antibacterial water filter that can be screwed into standard plastic bottles and can provide clean drinking water by filtering out bacteria

Long Description

800 million people in the world don’t have access to clean drinking water and drinking water will be even more scarce due to global warming. The Faircap water filter is a small, portable, effective and low cost solution for purifying contaminated water as material relief assistance to people who need it most, especially during natural disaster situations (floods, hurricanes, etc.) and refugee migrations, which will be more recurrent due to climate change.

The FairCap filter can be screwed into any plastic bottle anywhere in the world making it universally accessible without the need for waiting or using potentially harming chemicals or energy consumption.

The Faircap design is very small, which helps in reducing the amount of material needed to manufacture them, this lowers the shipping volume and the total cost of the product. In extreme situations FairCap filters could even be airdropped so that disaster victims can use them straight away. The filter is easy to use, since it’s placed as a bottle cap there is no need of pumping water, just fill an existing bottle with water from any source, close the cap and drink straight from the filter.

Faircap has been designed as an open collaborative project and our vision is to develop low cost open source technologies that solve pressing environmental and social issues.

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