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Track: Student
Topics: Water, Energy
Location: Amsterdam
Approach: Services

Nature & Nurture

Nature & Nurture

Public juicers utilizing local ingredients while cultivating sustainable behavior.

Long Description

Nature & Nurture is a concept of cold-press juice service, offering customers fresh and healthy juice mixes based on their own personal preference and local ingredients. The juice is being distributed by vending machines located all over the city.

The world population is growing rapidly and with that the amount of produced waste. Bottled cold-press juices are usually sold in plastic disposable containers. The plastic production takes a lot of energy and water. N&N encourages a sustainable way of living by providing an alternative to buying packaged juices in the shops.

Worldwide, big cities are experiencing growth in real estate prices and well as the human workforce. By having a juice machine placed in public spaces, we can reduce costs. With the use of Internet of Things, we can ensure more sustainable and efficient way of servicing and a refilment of the juice machines. Every machine is able to send a data about current stock and technical status, hence the routes for servicemen can be planned accordingly.

Users can order juice either via juicer interface or via an app. With the app, they can locate nearest juice machine, search for machines in specific locations, see the current stocks and offers at each location, and pre-order a juice to be picked up at a specific location.

N&N encourages customers to be more sustainable by buying a durable container that can be re-used or using their own. Registered users can also track their sustainable impact and collect badges for their sustainable behavior.

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