Current Project phase:

  • 1 1: Initiate Phase
  • 2 2: Nominate Phase
  • 3 3: Improve Phase
  • 4 4: Triumph Phase
  • 5 5: Accelerate Phase
  • 6 6: Make it Happen Phase
Track: Start-up
Topics: Energy
Location: Brazil

Carpool Match

Carpool Match

A simple and replicable way to share rides, and strengthen re-education for a society with fewer cars.

Long Description

It does not make sense to people going to the same place alone, in different cars, with 4 vacant spaces.
Thinking about this, we want to spread all the parking lots in the city at least 5 carpool spaces, using a simple data parking with the facilitator signage marking three main informations:
– Location that the driver goes: Marked with yellow on the map of the city
– Time that it will exit: Marked in green from 9:00 am to 9:00 pm.
– Number of places in the car – Marked in red, with 1 to 4 spaces that most cars have.

With a metal plate (diameter of 80cm) and colored magnets, the Carpool Match have a simple execution and mechanics to understand, can be replicated and tested by the world at a very low cost.

Additional Images

Project Video:

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