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Track: Student
Topics: Housing
Location: Singapore



Coorigami is a set of blinds that adopts origami techniques to reduces overall temperature in your living space.

Long Description

Climate change is a global phenomenon and we are all vulnerable to its impacts. The increase in temperature causes us to develop the habit of turning on the air conditioner unnecessarily. This temporary solution increases indoors comfort but worsens the global warming situation in the long run.

We were inspired to create Coorigami to adopt the ability of reducing room temperature with zero use of electricity consumption.  Stopping the vicious cycle of choosing electricity enabled products to cool the room. With decrease of energy consumption in a household it leads to lower electrical bills. This encourages more people to use Coorigami while further reducing the impact of global warming on a larger scale. This way, the product could create greater impacts in people’s lives, allowing them to contribute positively to the world. Bringing awareness to people on how they could impact climate change but this time, positively instead of negatively.

Applying the art of origami, we utilize tessellations to fabricate intricate designs. Different folding patterns could be implemented on the blinds to suit different themed living space. Our designs are meticulously thought through from the ease of assembly to economical manufacturing alternatives. Making it affordable to reach out to the masses. Most importantly, these blinds have the ability to expand and compress which makes it easy for storage with its flat packing capabilities.

Small air vents were incorporated onto the window blinds. Encouraging air to pass through these vents into your living spaces. These smaller channels it allows pockets of air to be compressed while eliminating the hotter molecules. This limits the overall hot air that enters the room.

Designed to be attached mainly onto windows but its possibilities are endless. Coorigami works based on a simple theory whereby air pressure increases, temperature decreases. So with the same technique of folding, it could be applied to many products or spaces while replicating the same effect. For example an attachment onto our mundane fan could cool the air.

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