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Track: Student
Topics: Housing
Location: North America
Approach: Services



What if planning for disaster was like planning for a vacation? Instead of being the victim you're a welcomed guest. Imagine a database where you could customize and visualize your disaster plan, save money, secure resources and peace of mind for yourself or your family. The fear is in not knowing what’s next and waiting in the aftermath of disaster. Sojourn is platform designed to evaluate the resources needed in the event of disaster and provide goal-oriented metrics. North America has abundant resources at its disposal to alleviate the pressure of our burdened government emergency response systems and non-profits. The sense of great need in our communities has been renewed with resonance of the effects of climate change and has highlighted the importance of efforts linked through technology. Sojourn helps build a tomorrow for those who plan for today.

Long Description

When you plan for vacation you look at the weather to see what clothes to pack, the best time of year to go, how to get there, what activities are available, if you’re close enough to stay at relative’s house nearby to save on a hotel, and if where you’re staying is safe. It’s because you’re invested in you or your family having a good time. Sojourn allows users to personalize a system to remove themselves from climate induced hazards. Users register and personalize their own emergency vacation (E-vacation) plan. The e-vacation plan allows users to map routes, schedule transportation, plan activities, input their temporary housing plan (THP) whether it’s a relative or place of their choosing within the partnered database, and a budget calculator based on length of e-vacation, family size, and need. Sojourn updates important changes such as if the user’s THP is outside of the area of risk. Each user’s need varies. In the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina the majority of fatalities were elderly residents who couldn’t evacuate, therefore transportation would be paramount for this user’s need. Sojourn educates the user of risks and how to prepare through an initial planning community event, mutually-beneficial volun-tourism opportunities, and prompts action for periods extreme temperature by suggesting existing or sponsored free community activities in areas of less risk. Sojourn is an application but also can provide information that suggests ideas on how people determine settlement solutions and highlight needs such as alternative transportation and more accurate weather predictions.

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