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Track: Student
Topics: Water, Food, Housing, Health
Location: Delhi, India

System D: Convertible shelter buildings

System D: Convertible shelter buildings

System 'D', allows us to build small public buildings that can be converted into safety and rescue centres in the time of disaster like floods, hurricane, sand storms, heavy snow fall, earthquake etc.

Long Description

In the time of any disaster the first priority is to take people to the safety. Safety consist of shelter, food, water, first aid, fresh air etc.But making people reach to the safety or searching them is very difficult and many people loose their lives in this pursuit.

The better way of doing this is to have more reachable local shelters for people and making people familiar with these facilities so that people can reach them as soon as possible in the times of need. But, it is impossible to build so many facilities. Or is it possible ?

What if all the public building can be converted in to small safety centre in the time of needs. Here is my idea System D. System ‘D’ is a prefabricated GRC structure systems which can be converted in to the safety shelter in the time of need.

We can create public facilities like Bus stops, first aid booths, Drinking fountains, Library, police booths, ATMs booths, night shelters, play grounds, small gym, open air theatres. stadium laundry walls, restaurants,  small shops, wifi and mobile charging stations and ….even a small school in a villages.

The base of ‘D’ can be modified according to the disasters the area faces. for floods make them higher, for hurricane make them strong and it can also be made for the disasters unrelated to climate changes like earthquakes, terrorist attacks etc..

Each ‘D’ can be equipped with many modular facilities like first aid and medicine closets, air filterration, UVC lights for protection from germs, oxygen cylinders, patient beds, life jackets, blankets, solar panels for lights, life boats and other assorted items. In the case of emergency there is a communication system in place. And these ‘D’s are easy to target and search for rescue emergencies. They can also act as small rescue centres in case of disasters.

The climate change awareness activities can also be run through these centres so that even the kids living nearby knows where to go when any bad thing happens around them.  By D we are creating a safety shelter for any kind of disasters without compromising space for anything else.

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