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  • 6 6: Make it Happen Phase
Track: Student
Topics: Water, Housing
Location: Singapore



Taboat is an accessible solution to people who experiencing the floods, which is coming in a floating table that also acts as a boat.

Long Description

Our team members hail from Bangkok and Jarkarta, two fast-growing cities with insufficient flood infrastructures. One of the main issues is travelling around during and after a flood. We feel that top-down government initiatives is slow moving; hence, we want to tackle this problem by designing a product that is easily and rapidly available to normal people.

The Taboat is a lightweight table can also function as a boat in times of floods. To ensure buoyancy, sturdiness and affordability, the Taboat’s frame is made out of modular pvc piping that holds together the tabletop – made out of high density foam, sandwiched by twinwall polycarbonate boards.

To make the Taboat function as a boat, simply flip the table upside down and twist off the table legs. The legs can be twisted together to form a long pole, acting as the boat’s main steerage and means of propulsion.

While the prototype is done up in white, customisation is entirely possible; striking patterns can be layered onto the table top or the legs and sealed with a layer of fibreglass.

Additionally, the project could potentially scale up to include a range/family of furniture themed on floating ability (S/M/L scaling):(S) – Floating lantern-buoy(M) – floating chairs to form modular sections of a larger boat(L) – The Taboat(XL) – Floating house on stilts. Lastly, one could also scale up in terms of implementation area: Klong Toey -> Other flood prone slums -> flood prone area

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