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Track: Student
Topics: Health
Location: África



VectoGuard is a low-cost device that allows people to protect their home against the potential threat posed by climate-enhanced vectors, providing an adaptive tool that seeks to reduce the possibility of acquiring the pathogen that these organisms transmit.

Long Description

Total vector-borne disease mortality rates account for 17% of all deaths from infections in the world, more than 1 million people die from these infections out of a total of 1 billion recorded cases per year. Diseases such as malaria, alone, cause more than 400,000 global deaths, mostly children under the age of 5.

We cannot currently control essential phenomena in the incubation of vectors such as hurricanes, floods, high temperatures, accumulation of trash, etc., but we can control what is inside our home.


What can the design do about it?

With the use of current production processes that are cheap in terms of number of pieces per output (mass production), we want to offer a product that gives people a fast and accessible response to the possible proliferation of biological vectors caused by the sudden changes that the planet is suffering, thus reducing the death rates registered annually.


VectoGuard is an elaborate recycled plastic device that uses a tablet made with natural elements that generate a curtain, through steam, that protects the spaces where a vector could enter the home (windows, doors, cracks, etc.). The shape of the product allows you to increase the size for larger spaces, such as shelters, villages and hospitals, where having a large number of people in one place can trigger an epidemic with a single infected vector.

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