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Track: Creative Professional
Topics: Water, Energy, Housing, Health
Location: Netherlands

Green a way

Green a way

Green a way: energy transition urbanism. Natural elements power and ultra rapid transportation for a healthy, safe and social environment.

Long Description

Green a way – energy transition as means to an end

There is major potential for green development in the countryside. Given better transport via  hyper-mobile capsules and improved infrastructure, it would be viable possible to construct high-rise buildings as green towers. The megalomaniac flats of say Le Corbusier could be translated as green walls for the postmodern man, apartments built high above nature with views across the landscape.

Such homes will be carbon-neutral, using green energy derived from the natural elements. The provision of energy from sun, wind and water power is not new, but it needs to be more, and better, with integrated solutions. For instance, buildings could have solar panel-covered galleries which enclose wind blades, which in turn support water basins. When it is sunny, the electricity produced could be utilized to pump water up into the water towers of yesteryear. The roof garden of Le Corbu thus becomes a roof beach with a basin full of water. In the event of a fire the water could be used to cool the structure and douse the flames.

It is all about the creation of a healthy, safe and beautiful environment for people however they want to live, without interference from others. Given a good infrastructure and faster, efficient transport via capsules, it will be possible for people to live in the countryside and still easily access cultural attractions and facilities in the city. Improved transport will also help combat loneliness, even if you live on the 13th floor out in the sticks, that is, somewhere in between flat A to Z in La Ville Radieuse redux.

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