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Track: Student
Topics: Water, Food, Housing, Health
Location: Africa

Modular Housing Solution in Africa

Modular Housing Solution in Africa

A modular housing solution that tackles: 1) Rising temperature 2) Lack of clean water 3) Food shortage 4) Household air pollution

Long Description

1) Rising Temperature

To deal with rising temperature resulting from climate change in rural African area, ventilation of a house is a key solution.

By using the rammed-earth blocks as a building material can solve the problem.

The eco-friendly rammed-earth blocks can be produced anywhere in Africa using earth, soil and water.

The insulation feature of rammed earth prevents heat from outside during day time and Summer, while keep the warmth inside the house during night and Winter.

2 & 3) Lack of Clean Water and Food Shortage

The rain collector system consists of slope roof, gutter, a slide to the water tank and vegetable garden.

First, the rain hits the roof, gather in gutter, then goes down to the channel through the slide. The rain water will then goes into the water tank or the vegetable garden through the filter.

The clean water provides the essential element for growing vegetable in the back recessed garden.

4) Household Air Pollution

Household air pollution resulting from cooking kills millions of people every year. A kitchen with a rocket stove that detatch to the living area is the solution to it.

The holes on either side of the kitchen ensures the cool air brings the smoke to outside.

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