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Track: Student
Topics: Water, Energy
Location: Eindhoven, Nederland



From creams to cleaning agents, most of our household products contain more than 80% water. What if that water is left out and added later? Easy, since we all have water at home. It would save an 80% of unnecessary transport, CO2 emissions and we wouldn't spend our environment on packing water and wouldn't have the enormous amount of unnecessary waste afterwards. This is what I propose with Twenty – a brand forecast setting an example for the industry. Because being more sustainable doesn’t have to be difficult. As an example I created a cleaning detergent, dish soap and shampoo which are concentrated into a granules, bars and liquid capsules. This, to show how different products could end up differently, but still apply the concept of zero water. Once at home, it’s just a matter of turning on the tap and giving it all a good mix.

Long Description

The Paris climate change conference is becoming increasingly important for the world. Governments legislate more and more to reach the new climate standards. Most of the laws are about the amount of kilometers made for transport and the CO2 factories are emitting. Design research could help them find new solutions, which c0uld lead to a whole new way of thinking and thus to bigger results in the climate change process.


Consumers at the same time are becoming more and more aware of their power. More and more people are vegan, grow their own foods, try to change the climate with small things. But they need more knowledge to ask companies to also start changing the climate not because of laws but because they should feel responsible for it as well. Companies present their cleaner factories as if it’s a major step, but they too, know that there are many other possibilities to safe on emissions and packaging. Possibilities which aren’t interesting for them, since they often cost money and there is nobody who forces them to apply the possibilities.

This is exactly what makes me angry. Seeing the big impact climate change already has on our environment, I believe that everyone should take the responsibility to act according to it now, instead of waiting for specific laws to come.

Twenty is an example of a possibility which is there and the companies responsible for the the products that Twenty is applicable to, know about it. They have been decreasing the sizes of our laundry detergent, they can make capsules. Why don’t we do that with more household products?

With my project I would like to educate consumers about hidden possibilities in our daily products. that could help us towards a sustainable future.

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