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Track: Start-up
Topics: Water
Location: 54 W 40th St, New York, NY, United States
Approach: Systems

VH Harmony – Clean Water from the Air

VH Harmony – Clean Water from the Air

A clean water product for developing countries and in home use; taking water vapor and producing potable water without a cooling coil.

Long Description

Problem / Opportunity

Ground water sources are rapidly drying up; climate change is on a global scale and today’s conventional means of producing potable water will soon be unreliable. Global industrialization has relentlessly pumped ground water into the atmosphere, severely impacting climate change, but now our atmosphere contains a virtually limitless supply of fresh water that can be harvested through atmospheric water generation (AWG).

Current methods such as desalination, bottled water, and even wells have the same downfall, reliance on ground water as their source. With ground water sources drying up at alarming rates, these means will soon become costly and ineffective. Furthermore, desalination is a major propellant of water vapor pollution and energy consumption.


1 gallon of water vapor = 1 gallon of ground water prevented from being used.

1 gallon of water vapor = 1 gallon of water vapor pollution removed from the atmosphere.

One VH Harmony Unit = up to 1277 gallons of water per year

With this concept, we implore you to consider the gravity of the impact the VH Harmony can have on the environment. The VH Harmony can be a significant player in the fight against climate change by taking advantage of the problem itself and using it as a solution.

Creating an AWG that doesn’t use cooling coils, meaning it is highly energy efficient, giving our technology a unique value proposition. We will implement our market strategy and the WDCD challenge can be a critical constituent in helping us do so.

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