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Track: Start-up
Topics: Energy
Location: Serbia

VETROSTUB next generation industrial wind energy generation system

VETROSTUB next generation industrial wind energy generation system

VETROSTUB wind generation system is new type of HAWT system for large scale wind energy extraction. Differently from conventional large scale HAWT devices VETROSTUB consists large number of smaller VETAR 15 wind turbines with several rotation independent height sectors on which smaller wind turbines are placed. On this way higher reliability and application flexibility is achieved.

Long Description


We propose build of pilot project for VETROSTUB wind turbine system for urban application in some of Serbian cities (but can be done alternatively anywhere in the world) as technology demonstrator for industrial scale urban wind energy system. Advantages of this technology relatively to conventional most commonly used tree bladed HAWTs are:

Much smaller size relatively to same power output

Lack of vibrations

Lower noise

Do not kill or maimed birds and bats

Much higher versatility of application (can be used safely in urban environments which is unheard of for conventional large scale wind turbines).

Reliability – due large number of independent wind turbines from which each have two counter rotating rotors attached on two independent electro generators. This means that, differently of large conventional wind turbines, VETROSTUB will never (literally never) stay idle completely. Can anyone say the same for conventional wind turbines? In addition each VETROSTUB consist several rotation independent height sectors which makes it capable of tracking wind direction changes on different height levels. In addition it can be upgraded with solar panels to reduce its intermittency sensibility thus making new type of wind solar hybrid.

This kind of large wind turbine system can be used very successfully in urban environments without any negative footprint commonly related with conventional wind turbine of same power output (size, noise, vibrations, and safety). As such this new type of industrial scale HAWT will give completely new meaning to sustainable, green smart cities.

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