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Student / Multiple topics

System D: Convertible shelter buildings

System 'D', allows us to build small public buildings that can be converted into safety and rescue centres in the time of disaster like floods, hurric ...

Created by Vishal Sengar
Student / Multiple topics

Ubuntu – Treatment Bed for Disease Outb...

Ubuntu aims to reduce mortalities during outbreaks by teaching the communities how to build low cost treatment beds out of local resources. ...

Created by Ilteris Ilbasan
Student / Multiple topics

TWENTY no water, just the bare necessities

From creams to cleaning agents, most of our household products contain more than 80% water. What if that water is left out and added later? Easy, sinc ...

Created by Mirjam De Bruijn · 2 Comments
Student / Multiple topics

Nivara – Water for the World

Empower impoverished communities to sustainably create their own high grade water filters using solar activated carbon. ...

Created by Eric Smith · 4 Comments
Student / Health

The Future of Breathing

This project envisions three speculative future breathing lifestyles and products of Chinese residents stemming from the existing technologies to accu ...

Created by Shihan Zhang
Student / Multiple topics

Decentralised Sanitation & Energy System

Decentralised Sanitation for Refugee Camps with Energy & Nutrient Recovery ...

Created by Thomas Fudge
Creative Professional / Water


POP-UP secures our cities against floods by combining green mobility, climate adaption and social spaces – creating adaptable green cities for everyon ...

Created by Hulda Hallgrímsdóttir
Creative Professional / Multiple topics


Turning the global manure problem into a new sustainable and local source of raw materials for the paper, plastics and fibre industries. ...

Created by Jalila Essaidi
Student / Housing


Heatwaves, that make thousands of victims in the poorest areas of the world, are projected to occur more often and be more intense in the future. Free ...

Created by Cassandra Seah · 1 Comment
Student / Housing


Coorigami is a set of blinds that adopts origami techniques to reduces overall temperature in your living space. ...

Created by Lee Leng Sim
Student / Multiple topics


Community-based architecture as a catalyst for resilience through an integrated design of building, landscape and climate ...

Created by Ana Hernández Chamorro

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