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Student / Multiple topics


A cow as a methane-powered self-sufficient milking machine: Speculative approach to livestock farming ...

Created by Anastasia Eggers · 2 Comments
Student / Multiple topics


The purpose of this business is to create a sustainable local market focused on organic food. ...

Created by Sérgio Brito
Student / Multiple topics


The UN-SUI, floating bamboo housing, is the future for Asia! ...

Created by Aurelie Griveaux
Student / Multiple topics


Zefiro treats the decontamination of the air, along to raise citizen’s awareness, aims to improve air quality and provide clean energy. ...

Created by Luciana Frazao dos Santos
Creative Professional / Food


Grow your own meat from thin air in bags made of algae. Its easier than filling a balloon. ...

Created by Paul Jenkins
Creative Professional / Multiple topics


Changing consumers’ attitudes to climate change by challenging the industry to place ‘overconsumption warnings’ on their carrier bags. ...

Created by Jan Wulffelé
Creative Professional / Multiple topics


A counter consumer culture starting with milk. Empowering people to make choices that help them mitigate & adapt to climate change. ...

Created by Murray Wolters
Student / Energy


In the last years, Food and Agriculture Organisation of the United Nations (FAO) has published a manual for artisan fishermen in developing countries ...

Created by Adriana Oliva Remolà · 1 Comment
Student / Multiple topics


It is a playground with specially designed rides which have the capability of generating electricity when they are put up for the use. ...

Created by Harsh Engineer
Student / Housing


It is a household fan which will provide hot and cold air. It will have Thermoelectric Coolers on it which will perform that function. ...

Created by Harsh Engineer
Student / Energy


It’s necessary to understand the difficulties of generating electricity. The resources and their pollutions, the costly infrastructures for producing ...

Created by Shauheen Shirvani
Student / Multiple topics


Violet. A modular air purifier using UVC light, activated carbon and natural respiration to clean the air in Megacities. ...

Created by Simon Visser

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