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Student / Housing


What if planning for disaster was like planning for a vacation? Instead of being the victim you're a welcomed guest. Imagine a database where you coul ...

Created by Christian Ford-Joosse
Student / Multiple topics


A small step in product design could become a huge step for ecology. ...

Created by Dmytro Sopov · 1 Comment
Student / Health


VectoGuard is a low-cost device that allows people to protect their home against the potential threat posed by climate-enhanced vectors, providing an ...

Created by raul Hernandez
Creative Professional / Multiple topics


Timecircus wants to take another step to encourage the imaginative forces in the world introducing alternatives that lie dormant. We want to build a f ...

Created by Bram Soli
Student / Water


Paliha minimizes and slows down the amount of water that enters the home during a natural flood, buying extra time for rescue or evacuation. ...

Created by Reynard Seah
Creative Professional / Multiple topics


By acting locally, we provide a way to tackle global environmental challenges and instigate circularity ground-up. Technological solutions are there, ...

Created by Ieva Punyte
Creative Professional / Multiple topics


A digital voting platform that uses global intelligence as the catalyst for change. Connecting data and building on each others knowledge to create a ...

Created by paul witham
Student / Multiple topics


Purifliers are specially designed kites which use a photocatalyst to remove pollutants from the air during flight. ...

Created by Conrad Haddaway · 1 Comment
Student / Multiple topics


Taboat is an accessible solution to people who experiencing the floods, which is coming in a floating table that also acts as a boat. ...

Created by Phebe Tan · 1 Comment
Creative Professional / Multiple topics


Trophy is a performance that is set up to reconnect the human and the machine. By creating a machine which asks human power to to empower a 3D printin ...

Created by Pierre Niviere
Student / Housing


Heatwaves, that make thousands of victims in the poorest areas of the world, are projected to occur more often and be more intense in the future. Free ...

Created by Cassandra Seah · 1 Comment
Student / Housing


Coorigami is a set of blinds that adopts origami techniques to reduces overall temperature in your living space. ...

Created by Lee Leng Sim

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