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Creative Professional / Energy

The laser tree

The plant curve tech is to produce oxygen by absorbing CO2 from the bottom of it structure. ...

Created by Manuel Zaragoza · 3 Comments
Creative Professional / Multiple topics

nano-fat tech

Nano-fat tech is a nano device that melt fat alway from your body. ...

Created by Manuel Zaragoza · 2 Comments
Creative Professional / Energy

electrically road

The electrically road will be the new standard of road for the world. ...

Created by Manuel Zaragoza · 2 Comments
Creative Professional / Multiple topics

House standard 2.0

The Standard future of house lies in new frontier technology that can make the house smarter and more energy efficient. ...

Created by Manuel Zaragoza · 2 Comments
Student / Water

Low-cost Regenerable Ceramic Water Filter (LR...

Low-cost regenerable ceramic water filter(LRC) which can be regenerated through a simple process and long-term supply drinkable water for rural reside ...

Created by ChoeEarn Choong · 1 Comment
Creative Professional / Multiple topics

Post Earthquake Reconstruction in NW Tanzania...

Compressed Stabilized Earth Block Construction for post-Earthquake Recovery in NW Tanzania ...

Created by James Kyles
Start-up / Multiple topics


The Jointechnix stitching technique, with built-in disassembly, pre-enables circular economic practices in Fashion and furniture. The technique makes ...

Created by cédric vanhoeck
Start-up / Food

Inclusive Organic CrowdFarm in The Wake of Cl...

Inclusive organic startup agribusiness that practices and promotes CrowdFarm model of farming. ...

Created by Tom Gard
Start-up / Multiple topics

Food Banking and Value Chain Entrepreneurship

This Project Proposal provides a summary of needs and opportunities for value addition and market development for Organic agricultural commodities. Ou ...

Created by Bernerd Nambafu
Start-up / Multiple topics

Khepri Nutrient Bioconversion Project

Khepri Bioconversion project mitigates against climate change by processing abattoir and food waste on site using flies and converts the flies into l ...

Created by Bandile Dlabantu · 1 Comment
Creative Professional / Water


POP-UP secures our cities against floods by combining green mobility, climate adaption and social spaces – creating adaptable green cities for everyon ...

Created by Hulda Hallgrímsdóttir
Creative Professional / Multiple topics


Turning the global manure problem into a new sustainable and local source of raw materials for the paper, plastics and fibre industries. ...

Created by Jalila Essaidi

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